About us

Dear Customers,

We are a team of professionals – beauticians, make-up artists and dermal specialists. Our work is our mission, we take our work seriously and we do not like a job half done. We continuously undergo training to bring you up-to-the-minute treatment.
We offer effective cosmetic treatments, a high standard of care and procedures, results which will excite you. We are sure any investment in your skin will pay and it will also bring you joy and self-confidence.

We are happy to offer you a consultation in native-speaker level English on the condition of your skin and suggest how to improve or even change the condition of your skin. You will go through skin diagnostics which is included in the price of the treatment. After that we will be able to recommend individual treatment or a series of treatments suitable for your skin (i.e., hydration treatments, chemical peels or a series of radiofrequency treatments and PDT lamp procedures). Last but not least, we will teach you how to look after your skin at home.

We have solutions for all the ranges of skin types – extremely dry, oily, with acne, sensitive, or hyperpigmented. We are able to deal with any other imperfections as well.

Professional cosmetic apparatus is used in the majority of our cosmetic treatments (ultrasound and radiofrequency). They multiply the effects of the cosmetic treatments and lead to even more efficient results. All of them are non-invasive, painless and completely without side effects. We are sure you will love rejuvenating treatments with HIFU focused ultrasound, THERMAGE and the series of LED lamp treatments.
With regular cosmetic treatment and homecare with optimum cosmetic products – where each step has its meaning – you will be amazed by the long-term high quality and well above standard results.

We will be happy to discuss your wishes in English with you.

Ester Tapley